Founded   in  2010,  the  Weaving   Wellness  Co-operative is a registered co-operative in Kelowna, British Columbia. It has been created to establish a collaborative working environment for individuals in private practice in the health and wellness industry and as outlined by our twelve themes of wellness:

           Movement                   Nutrition                     Play
           Creativity                   Work                           Beliefs & Values
           Finance                      Relationships              Self-awareness
           Life Purpose               Environment               Health

    Member services will be provided within a unique facility that provides an innovative and practical approach to health and wellness, both through the environment in which services are provided, and the concept of collaborative health & wellness.

    This business model demonstrates how individuals in private practice can increase the financial viability of their business within a co-operative environment.

    We are currently accepting a limited number of membership applications for offices spaces starting at approx. 120 square feet (joint memberships of up to 3 people permitted). Members not requiring office space may lease up to 700 square feet of seminar space for their business practice (i.e. yoga, exercise, creativity, play, etc).

Our Space